Purchasing floor rugs online is practically turning out to be natural to us. The lockdown has just driven us further toward 'E-tail' treatment and from its vibes, the phenomenon is here to stay. While purchasing fashion goods and entertainment products online is generally straightforward, purchasing something as fancy and material as a high-quality rug can be tricky.

To spare you some time and abstain from puzzled decision making, we are here to take you through some essential tips for purchasing floor rugs online. Follow these parameters on how to purchase or decide a rug online and we are sure, you'll settle on the correct decision.

Stage 1: Find the correct measurement for the rug

size of the rug

Once you have chosen where you need to put your rug, measure the dimensions appropriately. This will be significant when settling on what size of the rug you want to purchase.

When you are certain which style you need to go with, use a measuring tape to gauge the measurements in like manner.


Stage 2: Choosing the correct material

materials used in rugs

Rugs arrive in various natural and artificial materials. It is essential to realize a little about them to settle on the correct decision for your space when you are purchasing rugs online.


Wool is the most widely recognized and exemplary material used to make floor coverings or rugs for quite a long time. It is very strong, delicate, and stain-safe. This is one of the most favoured decisions for those searching for area rugs for long term use and for high traffic regions.


Cotton rugs are one of the simplest to keep up and clean. They are durable and can add an extraordinary look and surface to your space. Simply avoid them placing them near high traffic areas, as they tend to brush out easily.


The most exceptional material in rugs is shiny and smooth. Silk rugs or silk and wool floor rugs are frequently the most important rugs in the market. These rugs are ideal for your rooms and drawing rooms.

Jute, Sisal, and hemp

These are coarse rugs so don't anticipate the non-abrasiveness or warmth of other regular materials from these floor coverings or rugs. In any case, they are incredible for yards and patios.

Bamboo silk

An extraordinary substitute for silk. This yarn is produced using the bamboo plant and gives a similar sort of sparkle and perfection that silk confers. Generally less expensive than silk and environmentally friendly material.


Stage 3 – Choose the correct development

 how are rugs made

The development assortment of the rug is another significant factor to consider when considering to buy rugs online. Coming up next are the most famous rug types:

Hand-knotted floor rug

These are made by the most talented rug weavers utilizing ancient & historic procedures. These rugs are of incredible quality and they are the best piece of art that you can walk on. A hand-knotted rug is extraordinary and is made knot by knot on a loom frequently utilizing materials like silk, wool, bamboo silk, and cotton. These floor rugs have a compliment heap and the thickness of knots per square inch at the rear of the rug characterizes its quality. A rug with all the more thickly stuffed knots per square inch is considered to be a superior quality rug. A hand-knotted carpet experiences at least 18 steps prior to taking its last shape.

Hand-tufted floor rug

A hand-tufted floor rug begins its excursion as a canvas extended on a casing, a tufting instrument is utilized to punch strands of yarn into the canvas with the design on it. The procedure isn't as rigorous or tedious as that of a hand-knotted rug and takes moderately less skill. The most effortless method of recognizing a hand-tufted rug is by searching for the scrim backing on the back of the rug. A periphery is regularly added by sticking or sewing to complete the rug.

Flatweave rug

Flatweave rugs, or dhurries and kilims, comprise just of twist and weft strings, so they don't have the thickness of a knotted or tufted carpet. With their level completion, they are solid, simple to think about, frequently reversible. Flatweave rugs are normally made of wool, cotton, natural, or synthetic fibres.

When you have confirmed these three things, you will be able to decide and purchase hand woven rug or carpet online.

November 17, 2020 — Kumar Parekh