Finding and purchasing the ideal carpet for your home can be an overwhelming undertaking. Yet, when you find that correct rug for yourself, it's solitary a matter of clean your floor rug and keeping up it appropriate for it to last you many years, even ages.

Regardless of what sort of style or example you pick wool, silk, or bamboo silk area rug is an extraordinary decision for a modern home. Besides decorative reason, a carpet satisfies numerous viable purposes too. Wool floor rugs prevent the development of dust particles and microorganisms and they are normally recoloured repellent because of the lanolin in them.

However, every rug needs some maintenance to safeguard its shine and beauty. It is encouraged to get your designer rug cleaned professionally once per year. Yet, there are a few things you can do yourself to keep your rugs all-around great.

Here are some broad general guidelines that will assist you with taking care of your modern, designer, traditional or any type of rug:


Getting rid of stains

stain on a wool floor rug

How about we begin with the most troublesome theme first, eliminating stains from floor rugs. Blotch the area where the spill or stain has happened instead of rubbing it. This will keep the stain from entering further into the rug fibres and make it simpler to clean it. Water isn't the most ideal approach to eliminate stains from wool floor rugs, so you should attempt to utilize just prescribed clearing items to blot the stains. A somewhat costly, yet compelling approach to clean your favourite rug is by utilizing baby wipes.


Cleaning your rug

cleaning your rug

Your favourite rug will definitely get some dust and residue, the most ideal way to dispose of the dust is by beating the rug with a brush or a stick. Shaking the rug carefully to get the dust out is another wonderful method of cleaning it. Then again, you can place it on solid furniture outside and beat it to get the filth out.

Perhaps the trickiest thing to eliminate from a high heap rug is hair strands. Beating is commonly inadequate in such manner and the best way is to utilize a utility brush or a dressing brush with firm fibres. But, don't be excessively harsh.


Utilizing a vacuum

vacuuming floor rug

This is probably the most ideal approaches to clean your rug between professional cleanings. Vacuuming your rug once a fortnight is an extraordinary method of keeping them shimmering clean. Any overabundance dust that you were unable to get out with a brush or by beating will be dealt with by vacuuming. During the underlying shedding period of the floor rug, vacuuming can be truly effective.

A little TLC (Tender Loving Care) can truly prolong the life of your favourite area rug and keep your rug looking all-around great for quite a while. Thus, just put in a little effort and enjoy the warm comfortable inclination under your feet.

November 17, 2020 — Kumar Parekh