When we stepped into our newly built home, we found something amiss. Even after the furniture was placed, it felt empty as if the heart was there but the soul was missing.

We realised that what was needed was something that creates unification and visual connection. Rugs were the perfect game changer. It had a tremendous impact on the colours in the room. It added texture to the room giving it extra personality and a sense of character, resonating on the general aesthetic of the interior. Rugs were an excellent addition to our home. It certainly gave our home the finishing touch.

The story does not end there. What was more difficult was to procure the perfect rugs of top quality at economical prices in the best logistical way and customer experience.

The whole journey gave birth to the idea of providing exclusive range of rugs and carpets of highest quality directly from the manufacturer’s location to the doorstep of the customers at the best of the prices and shopping exposure. Thus, was how Rugsz was born.

From traditional to modern and designer rugs, we have products that can meet every customer’s imagination. With wide range of sizes to select from and options to custom order, Rugsz.com makes it easy for you to purchase rugs that express yourself. We understand it is a challenge to choose the perfect rug and we do not want you to make a wrong decision, which is why we have our simple room visualiser (soon to be launched) to assist you to make an informed purchase. And to top it all, the rugs are shipped FREE.

The most important thing that matters to Rugsz is customer experience.

We want to give our customers that amazing confidence, authority and experience that resembles a face to face shopping. We have been in retail and distribution for 20 years and we know the art.

With no mandatory requirement of opening an account, easy click and shop options, friendly shipping and return policies, no asterisks to confuse and discourage, maximum payment options, no fuss about anything and above all honest declarations at every step, we want our customers to have wholesome shopping experience in the most efficient, fast and enriching way.

And we strive to keep our promise.

It would motivate us more if we are able to create more value, bring smiles across miles, make happy customer stories and help build living spaces that inspire happiness.